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Volumetric & Layout Solution
“Slavonic World” Trade Center



All layout tiers for “Slavonic World” Trade & Office & Hotel Center and general layout on Site plan view have been designed with consideration of Request for Design, as well as recommendations of GlavArkhitektura, Moscow region.

Building of the Center has five sub-grade floors, including:

- V Floor (mark - 21.600) warehousing areas along with storage compartments and racks in complete with escape shafts and sanitary blocks for service purposes (dressing rooms, toilets, shower rooms) are located in accessible zones for Center personnel.

The same Floor also includes spaces for engineering assemblies and conduits. Floor height 7 m 20 cm allows storage of various large-size materials and commodities.

Loading deck for commodities shall be arranged from the upper mark level -14.400 using heavy-duty hoists and two loading amps at width 8.00 m each.

Cooling tower will be arranged adjacent to loading deck, size 42.0 х 17.0 m with floor level on mark -21.600

- IV Floor (mark - 14.400) is allocated for car park zone at floor height 3 m 30 cm. Entrance for parking will be arranged from the side of diagonal façade from level -14.400 via ramp communication all Center parking floors. Gas generator station room will be erected overhead cooling tower.

- III Floor (mark -11.100) is allocated for car park zone with the floor technical compartments at floor height З m 30 cm. Entrance for parking from the side of main façade facing MKAD Ring Road is arranged via ramp communicating all parking floors. Just below this mark ( 12.000) there is a mark of ground level grading, from which “Slavonic World” will be erected over surrounding areas.

- II Floor (mark - 7.800) is allocated for car park zone with technical compartments at floor height 3 m 30 cm. Entrance to the Lobby will be arranged from the side of diagonal façade communicating visitors with the top office floors. Additional entrance to the car park is arranged from the side of the Main Façade from detouring road around the Center building. The whole space of car park level is allocated for car parking and small premises with technical suites required for Center life-support activities (fire-fighting monitoring units, video surveillance systems, etc.).

- I Floor (mark - 4.500) is also allocated for car park zone with floor height 4 m 50 cm. Major visitor flows from this level, via blocks of escape shafts, will be directed to upper trading areas. Additional ramp for car entrance will be arranged at level -4.500 from the side of the Main Facade. Technical spaces will be located in dead ends of basement level.

Over-the-surface volume of the Center building includes 12 floors, as follows:

I Floor (mark ±0.000) of the Center is estimated as an open space designed and located on pillars along the whole area of the Center building. All elevator halls and staircase blocks are facing this open space from all over-the-surface (plus floors) and sub-grade (minus floors) tiers of the building. Two lobby groups are also arranged on this open space with travalators (passenger conveyors) and two lobbies with escalators for communication with trading halls on II, III and IV Floor.

Escape blocks of elevators and stairways are designed on proportionally spacing routing to the top and bottom floors. In addition, conduits of fire-fighting and other required technical services and units are also laid on the same level. Staircases for visitor escape to the lower external level of backyard territory on mark -2.800 are also located on the same level. From the side of the Main Façade, side and diagonal facade.

The main visitor flow to I Tier being an open space, shall be arranged under the Center, from the side of wide side walk in front of diagonal façade. Being designed on mark ±0.000 it allows to penetrate into pedestrian flows along façade line at width of 42.0 m. Equally spaced ample glazed lobbies are located on the same level, and visitors are able to access upper floors using travalators and escalators.

II Floor (mark +4.500, floor height 6.60 m) is allocated for trading spaces, entertainment and consumer service centers, exhibition lounges, coffee shops, restaurants and other entertainment services. Access to this tier will be arranged from tier I using travalators and escalators going out to wide pedestrian zones with round apertures in flooring, thus achieving panoramic view of the whole Center using inter-floor light spaces. Travalators at two sides of this space will allow free and unobstructed Center functioning.

Public catering blocks are designed in the corner parts of trading floors (II, III, IV) with different trade names, cuisine and catering quality. The left side of large space is allocated for food product retailers.

III и IV Floor (mark +11.100, +17.700, each floor height 6.60 m) are also designed for trading and consumer services, with different profile of offered services. Entire layout and service outfitting for layout of III and IV Floor is identical to lower II Floor.

V Floor (mark 24.300), accommodates office premises, parts of IV Floor roofing within configuration of light lanterns, and will serve as internal yards for recreation purposes. In addition, blocks of escape elevators and staircases are supplemented by sanitary assemblies in accordance with hygienic regulations.

The cores of office premises facing diagonal façade will have re creation zone in the form of winter garden for recreation of employees within the Center.

VI Floor (mark 27.600) will have another staircase adjacent to escape staircase from I Floor to V Floor to meet fire-fighting regulations, of identical dimensions from the upper floors to the building roof.

VII-ХI Floors office floors at height 3 m 30 cm are designed as a common space, which may be divided into different office zones, where applicable. Office premises will communicate in perpendicular to passageways from halls to elevator lobbies, along the whole floor of the Center.

XII Floor (mark +47.400) represents a technical floor with all required service equipment for the Building life-support activities. Part of elevator wells from lower floors is terminated on this floor.

Roofing of XII Floor (mark +50.700), repeating plan view outlines of entire Center, L-shaped office centers with accommodation spaces for VIP persons are located here with an access to the building roofing; however these spaces are located inside of the roofing and retain the profile of the building facades unchanged. Such remote location of apartments and offices from the wall edge allow to perform design, landscaping and planting of the whole roofing around these spaces, as well as light lanterns facing the roof in the form of glass pyramids.

The Project authors pay special attention to the Center interior with consideration of perspective scenario of interior for trade halls, large-span passageways and recreation zones for visitors; versions and proposals will be reviewed with the Customer in the process of cooperation.

Entire engineering & technical outfitting of the building will conform to functional purpose and satisfy all applicable economic, technical and aesthetical requirements.

Layout solutions for major engineering & fire-fighting procedures are defined together with relevant experts in conformity with prevailing regulations



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